Plastic Injection Moulding

by Ashford Mouldings

As part of the Plasticom Group, Ashford Mouldings are plastic injection moulding specialists. With our experienced mould tool makers and setters we can achieve optimum product output in a minimum of time using a variety of plastic injection moulding solutions such as twin shot moulding (2 shot moulding).

Your product is injection moulded to your specifications and put through our injection moulding quality inspection department to guarantee accuracy and quality at all times – we pride ourselves on being one of the best injection moulding companies in the UK.

We have a large moulding shop with a range of fully automated machinery, from 22 to 530 ton, which includes insert moulding, pick and place robot arm and conveyor belts to enable continuous plastic injection moulding production runs. We can accommodate prototype mould tooling and 2 colour moulding on our 225 ton plastic injection moulding machine. The 530 ton Negri Bossi machine enables us to mould a very wide range of plastic products on a large scale. There is capacity for short, medium and large batch continuous runs.

Our continued investment in the latest technology and new plastic injection moulding machines has enabled us to produce complex moulded parts and specialise in the process of twin-shot plastic injection moulding.

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